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What is website?
Tech Target says-A Web site is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. That means website is central location of many webpage. All are related via homepage. There are many web design company in Bangladesh Colour Spray Ltd. one of them.
Why do you need a website?
Now a day, more and more consumers use online to search for the products before they purchase.If you are a business owner I think you have a competitor. If they have a website, obviously they have clear advantage especially digital marketing. Without Website, you lost your potential customers and they will purchase your competitors products or service.
Your Companies spend millions creating brochures and distributing them. By website you can skip your huge cost. Website is a way to bring more customers on your business. More than 2.44 billion people use internet every day and 90% of people have purchased something. If you have a website you will catch them.
Some Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Website!
I Think Website design is a part of your invest. This reasons show why your company NEEDS a website.Your Business size is no matter. Read and carefully thinking about following benefits:

More customers
Your Competitor Has a Website.
Your Small Business Will Gain Credibility
Improve Your Customer Service.
Websites are Great Advertising.
217 Million People.
Passive Income Opportunities.
Deliver Significant Information and Improve Communication.
Affordable and Expandable Marketing.
You’re Open 24/7.

How can you make a Professional Website?
1. Choose and Get Your Domain Name
This is the first step to build a website. Domain name means what you want to give your website name. Obviously domain name select related your business name. For Example, raikhic Is a business name and their website name is www.raikhic.com. You have to pay for right use that domain name.
2. Select a Web Host Company
Web host is a company who has a server. You connected or buy some space of this server. If you want to need hosting you can work with us. Colour Spray Ltd. helps you to register domain hosting for your personal or business website.
3. Designing your Web Pages
When you have a domain and hosting then the next step is designing your website. I will request you will be design your website. If you can’t then you hiring a quality web designer to complete your website design.
To find a better web development company in Bangladesh or others country, Internet is always the best place. Among many such effective companies like Colour Spray Ltd. is a reliable source to work with.
Colour Spray Ltd. is the best web design company in Bangladesh, providing its outstanding services in the areas of web development, Search Engine optimization and Social Media Marketing .We are innovative in every field concerned.
Some Basic things you must do before website design

1. Collect Basic Information:
2. Hire a Quality Web Design Company
3. Web Hosting
4. Which Contents You Want to Display on the Website?
5. Ask Your Web Development Company what you will get in first Design Mock-up?
6. SEO Friendly Layout
7. Install Webmaster and Analytics
8. Integrate Social Media into the Website
9. Maintenance and Support
10. Reach your Targeted Audience

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