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This course introduces intermediate to advanced web page design techniques. Topics include customer expectations, advanced markup language, multimedia technologies, usability and accessibility practices, and techniques for the evaluation of web design. Upon completion, students should be able to employ advanced design techniques to create high-impact and highly functional web pages.

Class: One

1. What is HTML and Markup Language
2. History of HTML
3. How to Create a HTML page
4. What is HTML tag
5. Basic Structure of HTML
6. HTML Elements
7. HTML Attributes
8. Heading Tag
9. Paragraph Tag and Formatting Tag(Bold,Italic, Underline, Emphasized,mark,
Delete,Subscript and Superscript ).
10. Quiz Test

Class: Two
1. HTML Quotation(Blockquote, abbreviations,address, cite,Bi-Directional )
2. HTML Comments
3. HTML Color
4. HTML Marquee
5. HTML Links
6. HTML Image
7. Quiz Test

Class: Three
1. HTML List(Order List, Unordered List, Description List)
2. HTML Table
3. Table Cellspacing, Cellpadding, Colspan, Rowspan,
4. Change Table width and height, Caption
5. Quiz test

Class: Four
1. HTML Forms
2. Input Element Type(Text, Number, Email, Telephone, Password,File)
3. Radio Button
4. Check Box
5. Select Box(Single and Multiple)
6. Datalist
7. Text Area
8. Input Attribute
a. Placeholder
b. Required
9. writing test

Class: Five
1. HTML Multimidia
2. Youtube and Iframes
3. Video and Audio Tag
4. Google Map
5. Quiz Text
Class: Six
1. Exam All Class(Class One to Five)

Class: Seven
1. Introduction of CSS
2. Way to Insert CSS and Multiple CSS
3. HTML Division and Span
4. Selector and Type of Selector
5. CSS color
6. background(Url, Position, Repeat, Image and Transparent)
7. Line Height, Letter Spacing, Word Spacing

Class: Eight
1. Box Model
2. Width and Height
3. Border(Radius, Border position, Border color, Border Style)
4. Margin, Padding
5. Floating and Position
6. Box Shadow, Text Shadow
7. CSS3 Transitions, Transform & Gradient
8. CSS3 Opacity
9. Quiz Test

Class: Nine
1. Text Formatting
a. Text Alignment
b. Text Transform
c. Text Decoration
2. Font
a. Font Family
b. Font Style
c. Font Size
d. Font Weight
e. Font Variant
3. CSS List(Nav menu)
4. Web Layout
5. Quiz Test

Class: Ten
1. Introduction of Javascript
2. Whare using JS
3. JS Variable
4. JS Array
5. JS Function
6. Comments(Single and Multiple)
7. Operators
8. Condition
9. Quiz Test

Class: Eleven
1. Loop
2. Introduction of Jquery
3. Jquery Show and Hide
4. Jquery Slide

Class: Twelve
1. Introduction of Bootstrap
2. Grid Basic
3. Typography
4. Image
5. Table
6. Alert
7. Button

Class: Thirteen
1. Navber
2. Tab and Collapse
3. From and Input
4. Slide
5. Quiz Test

Class: Fourteen
1. Web Lay outing
2. PSD design
3. Quiz Test
Class: Fifteen
4. History of PHP
5. PHP Syntax
6. White space
7. Comments (Single and Multiple)
8. Variable and type of Variable
9. Condition (if, else and Else if, Switch)

Class: Fifteen
1. History of PHP
2. PHP Syntax
3. White space and Concatenation
4. Comments (Single and Multiple)
5. Variable and type of Variable
6. Condition (if, else and Else if, Switch)
7. Loop(For, While and Do while)

Class: Sixteen
8. Operator
9. Array and Sorting Array
10. Type of Array
11. Date function, Time function